Get Rid of All Your Scrap

Get Rid of All Your Scrap

Learn more about what the scrap metal buyers take at Florida Scrap Recycling Center in West Palm Beach, FL

You don't want scrap piling up on your property. This eyesore will crowd your workspace and could hurt your curb appeal. When you need money for scrap metal, turn to the scrap metal buyers at Florida Scrap Recycling Center, Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL.

If you have an AC unit you need to recycle, we request that you provide a letter from your AC company stating they swapped your old unit with a new one. We also cannot buy more than two units without a letter or receipt proving two or more replacements.

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Handling all your scrap materials

When it's time to offload all your unused scrap, you can count on our reliable scrap metal buyers. We take all kinds of materials, so you won't have to carry your scrap anywhere else. We'll buy your:


We also buy auto brass and aluminum, copper wire, batteries and stainless steel. No matter what kind of scrap you have to sell, we'll help you get money for your scrap metal. Contact us today if you need to schedule a scrap metal pick-up.